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What is Medical Biostatistics?

"Medical Biostatistics comprises statistical methods that are used to manage uncertainties in the field of medicine and health." Indrayan A. Medical Biostatistics, Third Edition. Chapman & Hall/CRC Press, 2012:2.
Redefining Biostatistics

"Probably the most complete book on Biostatistics" AND "Encyclopedic in breadth"

Medical Biostatistics, Third Edition, 2012
A. Indrayan
Chapman & Hall/CRC Press, 1008 pages (US$ 129.95)
Details at

Integrated Curriculum of Medical Biostatistics

For PG courses in medical and allied sciences

Interesting Facts

Bikini - Ghost and Curse

Guide to Statistical Methods

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Where to use which biostatistical method - Tables
Flow diagram of statistical methods (by Marta) - Common methods / Advanced methods
Checking Gaussianity
Linear models (Generalized estimating equations new, Generalized inear models new, General linear models) new

Clinical Biostatistics

Medical uncertainties (Aleatory uncertainties, Epistemic uncertainties, and Examples)
     Indicators, indexes and scores
     Medical scoring
     Etiology diagram
Decision trees
Survival analysis for clinicians
Diagnostic thresholds
Clinical trials
     Phases of clinical trials
     Validity of clinical trials (Randomization, blinding, compliance and size)

Epidemiological Biostatistics

Relative risk/ Attributable risk/ Odds ratio/ Number needed to treat
Sensitivity-specificity and positive/ negative predictivities
Sensitivity/specificity based ROC curve
Predictivity based ROC curve
Epidemiological measures of health and disease (Child, Adolescent, Adult, and Geriatric)
Measures of mortality (Crude/standardized,SMR,etc., Child mortality, Maternal/Adult mortality, and Death spectrum)
Measures of morbidity (Prevalence and Incidence, Capture-recapture methodology, Duration of morbidity, Attack rates, and Disease spectrum)
Social determinants
LMS and BCPE methods of centile estimation

Research Methods

Basics of medical research
Protocol preparation
Levels of evidence pyramid
Complaints vs. examination findings
More than 30 types of bias
Various types of study designs
Comparison of prospective, retrospective and cross-sectional studies
Tips on thesis writing and preparing research papers
     Initial parts of a manuscript (TITLE, AUTHORSHIP, KEY WORDS and ABSTRACT)
     Main body of the report (INTRODUCTIOn, METHODS, RESULTS and DISCUSSION)
Indrayan's book on medical research methods

Original Thoughts

Smoking index
Can I choose the cause of my death
Meteorological forecasts in India
Internationally applicable social classification
Statistical fallacies
Positive health


Patients of renal allograft (Survival)

Glossary of Methodological Terms


Links to Other Biostatistics Resources

Online statistics courses
     Introduction to Biostatistics 1
     Introduction to Biostatistics 2


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